Souvenir shop service

MUGS, tankards, metal plaques, keyrings, coasters, cards, pictures

We will design your products using your house style along with your photographs of your attraction's features. And then print it onto your chosen products - Our present range are 11oz Mugs, 18oz Tankards, Aluminium Plaques (A6, A5 or 200x300mm), Keyrings (35x50mm insert), 95mm Coasters, 5x7" Cards as singles or six pack, 10x15cm Photograph in a 12x17cm frame.

OPTION ONE. You can order a fixed quantity that you predict you will use in the season and we will deliver them to you as soon as possible.

OPTION TWO . We will supply you with an initial quantity (mutually agreed)and invoice you monthly with the amount you sell while replenishing your stocks. We take the risk and there is no impact on your cashflow while for us the production is spread throughout the season.